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Saturday drive

I drove to northern Colorado on a shopping excursion and took the back roads on my return to Cheyenne. The return trip took me through irrigated farm country to high plains range country. The overcast gray day gave the drive a forlorn feeling. Later, after returning home, the skies erupted with rain, lighting, and thunder.


The chairs sit empty having sent our daughter to her next journey this morning. One part of me feels sad.  But mostly I’m thankful for the summer conversations we had in these chairs. And I can’t help thinking there will be more, someday, with new stories to be told and new events to debate and […]

Up a tree

Bella’s obsessed with this tree and the squirrels or birds that torment her from it. Even when, like today, there’s not a single creature in the tree. She displays such focus and intensity and, dare I say, happiness when she gets let into the side yard to play with the tree. The sequence usually goes […]


Having bought a new prime lens in Fort Collins this morning and needing to run some errands in south Cheyenne, I exited the Interstate and drove the less-traveled highway east and then north to my city. I hoped to stop along the way and snap a few pictures at the spot pictured here which at […]

Today’s ride

Today’s 18-mile ride, peaceful, like a Sunday morning. I appreciate that voters in my fair city have, over time, voted to fund the building, expansion, and maintenance of a city-wide greenway system. This is no small feat given the tax-averse nature of our state’s citizens. I won’t get into the politics of taxation here but […]

Open the book

What is a book other than a collection of words lying dormant hoping for someone to activate its story? Perhaps I assign too much power to an inanimate object by using the word “hoping” but a book, to me, contains life whether sitting on a shelf or clutched in my hand. Photo taken at Carnegie […]

For Mom

Here in this year of firsts since your passing, I thought about letting the day go by with just remembering you in my heart. And I’m doing that as I give thanks for your life and your love. But something’s missing and I realize it’s the fact I didn’t give you flowers today. And last year on Mother’s […]

Learning to see

Some time after I’d caught the photography bug as a means of expression, my wife put me into photography boot camp. It was a time as an apprentice, or learner, if you will. My early photographic attempts had focused more on gear (who doesn’t love gear?) and pretty colors and the sharpest images possible (because […]